It is just this Simple

Anyone Can Do It

Pit Crew, rake, easy, SDSU, Brookings, South Dakota

Saves Time

Fast, save time, speed up event, easy

Consistent Landing Surface

smooth, consistent, even, fair, perfect


Made in the USA

Designed and constructed in

Brookings, South Dakota

Industrial Grade Materials

 All of the  components are of industrial grade aluminum and feature a special designed rubber bar.

Custom Made

Not all pits are the same

Designed to fit yours.

The New Q-Tach System

Easy to Asssemble

Quick attach, QTach, store,transport,solid,easy

The brush bar and mounting bracket slide together EASY. No tools needed.

Makes storage easy.

Attach the Brush Bar to wheel/handle brackets


Brush Bar slides in for easy assembly and dis-assembly. Makes cleaning and storage quick and easy.

Lock in place


Once in place, lock in with lever. Strong.

All set up

That quick and you are ready to go.

Just that quick and you are ready to roll.

This system allows you the flexibility of sharing without having to own a complete system.

You can order just the end brackets with handles and wheels


You can order just the brush bars to fit your pits. If your outside pits are different size than indoors.


You can order the complete system


With other schools

The first

 Today, January 8th, 2020 I deliver a PFR to the University of South Dakota. They have a remodeled indoor facility and their horizontal pits are raised. Yes we can for those of you have raised pits.  

Our Patent has been approved!

Customize it!

Your colors-your logo.

Logo, customized,revolution,sand,whisperer

 You provide the art work and we will make and apply the decal. 31" long and 2" wide. 

$50 per pair (one pair per 1 PFR)

The Huskers did

Big 10, Big 10, Nebraska, Huskers

4 handles on 2 PFR show Husker pride.

Drake Relays did too

Drake Relays, Drake, National

Latest Addition to the Revolution

Howard Wood Dakota Relays, Sioux Falls, 2019

Dakota relay, Dakota relay, Howard Wood, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Dakota Relays in Sioux Falls added 2 PFR to their facility 2019

Gothenburg, Nebraska Championship Meet

Gothenburg, Nebraska
State Champion Meet 2019, Middle School meet, Jim Clark

They have 2 PFRs, 2019

University of South Dakota 1-8-2020


Custom built for their new raised pit.