About Us


My name is Doug Metcalf. I am a retired home-builder who loves track and field. I  live in Brookings South Dakota, home of South Dakota State University where I help work track meets.  I used to run track; raised 3 children who all were athletes and competed in track and field and they have gone on to coach in the sport. To me it is the greatest individual sport there is. 

I always wondered why there was not a better way to prepare the jump pits for competition, other than 2 people with hand rakes. I was challenged by a jump coach to come up with a better idea . I have always tried to identify a problem and then find a solution. In this case, I wanted to design a devise that would provide a consistent landing surface so every jumper would be able to have the same conditions for every jump, whether it was the first jump or the last attempt. of the day. I think I have done it with the PFR-the Pit Finish Rake.  

I want to thank South Dakota State University and their jump coach, Dave St. John for allowing me to use their new, state-of-the-art indoor facility during the design and development of the Pit Finish Rake

Not all pits are created equal so we custom build to your specifications. I am working with an engineering and manufacturing firm to assist in designing and the building the PFR and without their assistance this project would not have been possible. They are Industrial Machine and Engineering LLC Inc. in Brookings, Kevin Harms is the engineer. We are proud to say we are a"Made in the USA" product. 

Patent approved

Patent 12/10/2019