Q. Do you have a patent on the PFR?

A. Yes, it is in the pending stage waiting for publication.

Q. How many people does it take to work an event?

A. A minimum of 3 people can handle the grooming of a pit. If more people are available they can assist with the hand brooms.

Q. I see you use a push broom, Why not the conventional rake?

A. The broom is easier to handle and does not make gauges in the sand like a rake does. We only want to dress up the sand disturbed and nothing more. The PFR will do the majority of the work and 95% of the sand is not disturbed from a jump so no need to address more than the 5%.

Q. Does it take longer than the conventional raking method?

A. Actually the opposite. We can consistently manage a pit after a jump in less than 30 seconds. We have been able to manage a surface  within 40 seconds from one completed jump until the completion of the next one.

 Q. Is it hard to learn how to run the PFR?

A. We have been able to have a pair of volunteers, men and women, young and old use the PFR in a proficient manner in a very short time. Usually within a couple of trips up and down the pit they start feeling comfortable with the method and do a fantastic job. 

Q. Is it physically hard to use the PFR?

A. Not at all. The PFR Method is easy to do and while there is a lot of walking in a meet, it is really nothing more than that, walking at a comfortable pace up and down the pit.

Q.Can the PFR work in any type sand?

A. The finer the sand the easier it is to work with. However, we have not encountered any sand that we can not operate in. Usually a good material is designed for jumping pits and even sand traps from golf courses works well.

Q. Do you make the PFR to fit our pit size of do you have just one size?

A. We custom build to your specific pit sizes. 

Q. Does the PFR work outside pits as well as indoor?

A. Absolutely. The grade of sand outdoors should be like that used indoors but if it is coarser, the PFR will still work.