The Revolution in Pit Management has begun

There is a new and better way to manage "The Pits"

 The weekend of February 28- March 2 we took care of the pits for the NAIA Indoor nationals. No longer 2 men and their rakes. The PFR Method is revolutionizing the way you can take care of your horizontal jump pits. Quicker by 25-30% with a resulting look unlike anything before it.  The results of dressing the pit between jumps took an average of 24 seconds and the look was the same for the first jumper all the way to the last of 135 athletes. Fair for all jumpers, at last. 

Proven Time saver

The weekend of February 28- March 2 we took care of the pits for the NAIA Indoor nationals. We averaged over 3 days a jump every 42 seconds; we had a flight of 11 long jumpers take 18 minutes . We had triple jumper flights of 11 take 22 minutes. We had the men triple jump with 3 flights and a final and it took less than 3 hours allowing 15 minutes between flights and and 15 minutes between flights and finals. 


A ground view of the PFR in motion

This video was taken at a meet at South Dakota State University 2-15-2020. It shows the entire sequence from the jump to the maintenance of the pit ready for the next jumper. Check the time involved. 

Our Goal

To provide a consistent landing surface for every jumper and every jump

We believe your jumpers deserve nothing less.

The jumpers will expect nothing less. 

 Patent #10,499,563


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