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Drake Relays 2019


University of Nebraska



South Dakota State University


Big C Relays, Anchorage, Alaska 2019

Infield at the meet-850 athletes


My son Shane, when he was coaching 10 years ago, got together with another school and conceived this most unique meet in a domed 400+ meet track. A fun event with some different races to highlight the states athletes. It was an honor to work the PFRs on his pits and watch his big event.

King of the Hill awards


Shane (dark cap)  is getting the "King of the Hill" set up. The leader after each heat gets to sit and wait to see if they are unseated. It is fun to watch the athletes interact and this is a fun way to recognize achievement.

Using 2 pits for the long jump

Both pits using the PFR for the long jump. 70 jumpers each pit, no flights and done in 2 1/2 hours.

70 jumpers each pit, no flights and ran the event in 2 1/2 hours.

Helping out, doing my job

Paying attention, doing my job.

Paying attention to doing the job right. Just helping out while training others.

Great help on both pits

Both Pits going at the same time. Having fun.

Great help, both men and women, young and old. They made it look easy.

Drake Relays 2019


The PFR at the Drake Relays


Anthuan Maybank observing the PFR at long jump


One of the Pit crews and judges at womens invite event

Howard Wood Dakota Relays 2019

2 freshman basketball players using the PFR for the long jump.

2 freshman basketball players using the PFR for the long jump. 

Nebraska Championship Meet- 2019

Site of Meet


A town of 3,400 and a meet for 7th and 8th grade athletes. 160 teams represented. 

One of my "Broom" people


A young high school girl is working the broom. She would tell the official "We're done" when the pit was ready.

The PFRs in motion


You can see both pits managed with the PFR. All high schools students and they were great.

Peeking in on the crowd


The brainchild of Jim Clark, 10 years ago. I know of no other meet dedicated to 7-8th grades. It was fantastic to watch how smoothly it was run.


How many jumpers in 2 minutes

South Dakota State University 1-19-19

Fun with GoPro

Thought this was a good way to show the finish the PFR gives.

Drake Relays 2019

 A 30 second video of one jump and the use of the PFR for Pit Maintenance

Officials and coach interview

South Dakota State University 1-19-19


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